Sometimes you come across a new record that sort of stops you in its tracks; that’s what’s just happened her at SJF with the tune ‘Never Gonna Stop’. The band behind this gorgeous sound go by the name of THE REGIME … a classic, old school US combo? a Brit soul collective with bags of experience? a team of top, polished session men? No, none of those. You see the Regime are a new(ish) funk and soul outfit from…. Australia!

Plenty of great soul, of course, has come from the land down under… the Bamboos, Cookin On  Burners, the lovely Kylie Auldist and a few more, but this ‘Never Gonna Stop’ trumps the lot! Don’t know too much about the Regime, except that here they’ve crafted a future classic; one of those rare songs where everything is just right, and you can’t quite say why it’s so irresistible… it just is.

‘Never Gonna Stop’ is a vinyl release and the B side is something quite different – the funky, chanted jam that is ‘Deuzy Vibe’ which shows how versatile the Regime are. It’s a good track – but it’s ‘Never Gonna Stop’ that’s the real winner. Think Bloodstone’s ‘Natural High’, think mellow moment Tower of Power, maybe ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’ or even some classy 60s Chicago soul and you might be getting there!

The single is released on 30th October on Izipho Records in two colour vinyl options: CLEAR with Red/Green splatters at £13 per copy or BLACK at £12 per copy.