A few months back the Cool Million team told us that one of the duo – FRANK RYLE – was working on an exciting solo album…. ‘The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes’, a concept set based around the collaboration of singers and musicians from Denmark, Germany, the US and the UK. And Jefferson Keyes? Well, we’re told he’s a character from an obscure 70s TV series.

At the start of this year Frank teased us with the lead single from the set… a superlative slab of modern soul, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’. Upbeat and totally optimistic, the vocal came courtesy of Danish/Kenyan singer Seest who runs the wonderfully named Fluffy Studios! Those who’ve heard the tune will say that it has everything we’ve come to know and love from Cool Million and for vinyl freaks it’s about to be released on a limited 7’inch single via Sundae Soul Recordings.

Now while we wait patiently for the parent album, Frank has brought in mix master John Morales to re-work the ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’. The M+ M man has produced two retoolings and as you’d expect the sound is a little more contemporary, a little (though not too much!) housified. Both the “main” and “dub” mixes remain eminently danceable while John, sensibly, keeps the focus on Seest’s wonderful vocal! The new John Morales M+M Mixes are released, on the 1st April through Traxsource as an exclusive, then 14 days later on I tunes, Amazon and other download sites.