LUCA DI LUZIO is an Italian funk, jazz and blues guitar maestro. He’s not that well known in the mainstream but the  European jazz cognoscenti are familiar with his work while such is his reputation that for his latest recording project he could call on some stellar names. Thus, helping Luca deliver on his 9 track ‘Never Give Up’ are keyboard player George Whitty, bassist Alain Caron, drummer Rodney Holmes, percussionist Steve Thornton  and trumpet legend Randy Brecker.

Whitty’s in the producer’s chair and the team craft a varied set that  offers classic guitar jazz, alongside some driving funk, soulful grooves and gentler moments. The inspiration for all the tunes reflect the personal stories of di Luzio’s life. So for instance, ‘A14’ is named after the trunk road that links the guitarist’s birthplace to where he now lives; ‘Second life’ is about starting afresh in a  new city while ‘Fishing In Paradise’ and ‘The Genius’ are poignant but never sentimental tributes to two of the guitarist’s friends who’ve recently passed. Highlight of the album is the title track – a bluesy, intense affair with inspired guitar lines and mellow Brecker passages.

Luca says of the album:  “This album is dedicated to those who never give up; to those who pursue their dreams, write their living destiny every day. Above all, to those who do not give up in the face of obstacles, and continue to smile, and make the world more beautiful.”