I know a number of the soul fraternity who have a soft spot for NELLY’S ‘Dilemma’.  Maybe it’s the sample from Patti Labelle’s ‘Love Need And Want You’, maybe it’s the effervescent presence of the lovely Kelly Rowland but the song just has something about it. Ditto the accompanying video and Nelly’s people tell us that said video (featuring a cameo from Ms Patti)  is now officially part of YouTube’s Billion Views Club. Yep, that’s right, it’s been viewed over 1 Billion times!

 Nellys says: “It is both humbling and what every artist hopes for, to see your work from 20 years ago still getting such love from fans old and new. Super dope that a song made before YouTube existed is getting so much support now and shout out to Nelly fans and to my girl Kelly Rowland who helped make this song a hit when we made it and still a hit today!”

Nelly’s ‘Dilemma’ video is one of only a handful of music videos from the Pre-YouTube era to achieve this milestone. Nelly joins a diverse group of artists from this era to do the same, including 50 Cent, Nirvana, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Whitney Houston, The Cranberries and a-ha.