The maybe oddly named Aussie band the SUGAR FED LEOPARDS have been making music since 2013 and are working in a new album (their third) for early 2014 release.

To whet appetites, the first single has just won release – it’s a poppy, disco-slanted thing, ‘Need You Know’. Despite the levity of the sound, the song tells quite a disturbing story! It about two families living in the Australian (Victoria) gold mining town of Harrietville in the 1930s. In 1934 the town was devastated by a flood and the song tells  the story of the aftermath! The band’s lead singer Steph says: “The lyrics were directly lifted from the notice board in the car park in the centre of Harrietville and from a newspaper article that I looked up when we got home.” The sound, given, the theme, is oddly upbeat – jangly guitar, sleazy saxophone, three-part harmonies and a bumping rhythm section! Out November 23rd!