Latest release from the Quantize team proves the old adage that you just can’t keep a good tune down! ‘I Need Your Lovin” was always one of dear Teena Marie’s best recordings and now DJ Spen has resurrected it in respectful tribute. This time though he’s using the moniker SPENCER MORALES, ‘cos the rework s a team effort between Spen and John Morales….. So, “Spencer Morales”… geddit?

Mr. Morales is no stranger to the tune. Some years back Motown invited him to remix it for one of their remix collections but here he gives the old warhorse a totally contemporary vibe though retaining plenty of the old magic.

Fronting the cut is feisty, big-voiced diva, Tasha Larae and she really does give her all.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that the tune comes in a veritable plethora of mixes…. I counted seven. So as the man says… you pays your money etc. Call us old fashioned if you like but right now we’re opting for the original vocal mix which will take you right back to those great weekender days. The “Thommy Strings of Love Mix” is interesting too…. but anything with strings these days is always worth checking!