Latest release from Goldie’s Fallen Tree1Hundred features Croydon born vocalist NATALIE DUNCAN. Her song is a haunting, complex builder , ‘Let Go Release’ . The track is a collaboration between Ms Duncan and musician friends close to her heart – long-time collaborators Richard Spaven on drums and Alan Mian on bass, along with synth programmer Laurence Jepson, guitarist Rashaan Brown and up and coming producer/engineer in the studio, Chris Hewitt.  

Natalie says of ‘Let Go Release’: “I wrote the ostinato-style piano motif initially… I thought this song had the potential to be just an instrumental, but then I started playing around with vocal melodies and lyrics and decided it was even better for it. Because of the musical depth and the odd 7/4-time signature, I wanted to make sure the vocal lines were simple in melody and that the structure was repetitive. It builds to a crescendo at the end of the song, which then releases beautifully into just the piano chords, drums and bass”.

‘Let Go Release’ comes in its original mix and a “Searchlight” mix. That latter comes courtesy of drum and bass duo Cian McCann and Dominic Purcell aka Searchlight. On both the mix and the original, the obvious reference points seem to be 4Hero and (for those with longer memories)  dear Rotary Connection.

Find out more about Natalie Duncan via our 2020 interview