The rubbish headline (above) is our pathetic attempt to describe French House Music! (yes, we know, it has lots of proper names like “French touch” and “tekfunk”). But if those sounds float your boat, may we point you to a debut EP from rising French house star, BERZINGUE.

The young Parisian’s upcoming mini album is called ‘Quitter Paname’ and that title track sets the tone for the overall soundscape – warm chords and airy electronic layers; moody but catchy.

EP highlight is ‘Barcelonights’, a collaboration with Parisian producer Cosmonection.  It’s a repetitive call to the floor but remarkably hypnotic in an ethereal way. The lead single is ‘L’Impasse’ – more catchy, repetitive beats with an insistent charm. That single gets a release on February 4th. The ‘Quitter Paname’ EP drops in full via Pont Neuf Records on 25th February 2022