A revitalised MELBA MOORE has taken the modern soul world by storm with her latest record – the old school-flavoured ‘Just Dance’. Written by Dominic McFadden, the son of the late Gene McFadden of McFadden & Whitehead, the tune’s bob on the current midiron soul vibe…. and if you want more, ‘Just Dance’ is soon to be made available in three new remixes.

First up there’s an Alien Disco tweak which takes the tune into soulful house territory; then there’s the CW Dance mix which retains the charming basics of the original; the third remix is a CW Retro re-tooling and my money’s on this one to be the one to give the song more legs on the modern soul scene.

All mixes will be available soon on Top Notch Records via the usual download portals and the whole concept has been masterminded by Gary Van den Bussche of DSG Music.