KYM SIMS is a veteran of the soulful house scene. Hers was the big voice on the hit ‘To Blind To See It’ and she also takes credit for the 90s anthem, ‘Take My Advice’. Kym’s all set for more chart (and dance floor) action with her brand new single – the appropriately named ‘Move Your Feet’

The tune is just out on Fatboy Records and comes in two energised mixes…. one from DJ Pats, the other courtesy of Samson Lewis.

The Pats tweak is a Frenchified, funky house groove with a spacey feel to it. It has all the potential to please the house heads and the modern soul crowd.

Brummie, Samson Lewis offers something a little more inventive and certainly a tad deeper … shifting rhythms with a steady, in-built insistence.

‘Move Your Feet’? For sure!