Dear Donny Hathaway’s ‘This Christmas’ has  to be one of the most recorded Christmas songs of the modern era. There’ll be  a website somewhere telling us how many versions there are but on my music data base I’ve got well over 20 versions!

To those, I can now add another one from SOULFULEDGE (the alter ego of Russell Pollitt). Russell tells us that he’s always wanted to do something specially for Christmas; thus, he’s decided to start with a take on a real classic… brave man! However Mr P and his team ( essentially him and Aussie songwriter and all-round soulful diva HANNAH CLARE) deliver it quite differently. There’s a light soulful house feel to proceedings – nothing too frantic you understand, just a pacey, innocent sounding  interpretation of something very familiar. Interesting!

Leaving it  a wee bit late, maybe, Soulfuledge’s take on ‘This Christmas’ won’t be on your streaming platform till December 22nd – worth investigating?