HANNAH WHITE is a London based singer/songwriter who started her pro music career touring Europe with a Motown tribute girl band and at the moment she earns a living as Kenny Thomas’ backing singer. That might soon change as her solo career starts to take off. Hannah’s first single – the catchy and infectious ‘Sunny Day’ won rave reviews and earned listings on all the credible soul charts and if you’ve been to a modern soul function recently, chances are you’ve heard it!

Hannah also wowed the audience at last weekend’s Caister Weekender and to meet demand, her label, DSG, have just commissioned a brand new ‘Caister Mix’ of ‘Sunny Day’. The seven minute plus epic come courtesy of mix man of the moment, Nigel Lowis who’s currently recovering from an illness. You wouldn’t know it though. The new tweak is bright and optimistic worthy of the ‘Sunny Day’ titling… all the charm of the original is retained too as well as those lovely vibes!