At the beginning of the month we pointed you towards a lovely, summery vibe from FUNMILAYO NGOZI. The song was ‘Summer’ and it perfectly captured what the season is all about and what it has succeeded in delivering this year!

The good news is that the parent EP (of the same name) has just won release and the remaining four tracks offer more of the same optimism and soulful feeling. ‘WYA Where You Are’ is a tight groove; ‘Love’ is a sweet n’ lazy ballad; ‘Abide In Me’ is a wonderful smooth soul offering (great sax); while ‘Interlude’ is more than that –at just over two minutes it has a subtle Latin vibe.

The whole thing is a quirky mix of neo-soul, soft soul and smooth jazz with a touch of Latin hither and thither.

We’ve known Ms Ngozi from her work with the Rah Band and Tom Glide – now she’s all set to take centre stage on her own!