For the last couple of months a catchy little tune called ‘Stranger’ has been omnipresent at all the best modern soul dos. The artist is German-born, Vienna-living FARINA MISS (yes that’s the right way to write it!) and she’s a favoured protégé of Cool Million’s Rob Hardt.

Eagle eyed soul folk will know she voiced Cool Million’s ‘No Ordinary Music’, one of the key cuts on their ‘Sumthin’ Like This’ album and since then Farina and Hardt have been working on her debut long player.

‘Stranger’ was revealed as the first single and so popular is it that Rob has just unleashed a couple of new mixes. First up there’s a ‘Beach Vibe’ mix that sounds like it says on the tin… yes, a hint of soulful house… perfect for those sand in your toes and Ambre Soliare moments.

The other new mix embodies the ethos of Sed Soul/Cool Million… “taking soul back to the future”. So this new ‘Back To The Future’ mix has a delicious retro groove but remains totally contemporary. A classy modern soul cut!