Newcastle duo SOULUTIONS (Steve Lee and Louise Mehan)) are just putting the finishing touches to their eagerly awaited debut long player. The first single from Soulutions, ‘Listen’, has been the biggest soul hit of the summer – sitting atop all credible soul charts for week upon week.

In the meantime the Soulutions’ people have been getting some top remixers to tweak some of the band’s other songs. The Drizabone team are working on a new version of ‘Listen’ while Ray Hayden from Opaz Productions is having a look at ‘Mr Sun’.

Biggest buzz though has been on the Colin Watson remix of the wonderful ‘Philly Line’. The ‘CW Philly Mix’ (original title!) is a magnificent piece of modern soul and after its airing on Jazz FM last weekend the station’s lines went berserk as soul connoisseurs wanted to know more about it (you can check it out by the way via YOUTUBE) . At the moment it’s a toss up as to whether this ‘Philly Line’ mix beats ‘Listen’ as the year’s classiest modern soul groove.

To make things a little more complicated Colin Watson has also done a more laid back ‘After Midnight’ mix while the mixes of ‘Listen’ still come thick and fast with a housey ‘Reverie’ mix and an almost instrumental Mike Maurro bootleg.

Whatever, it’s been a busy few months for Soulutions and set to get busier when the album hits the racks

The band are pictured below on stage.