Boutique, Spanish-based  label SOUL4REAL is lining up a brace  of new 7” singles for imminent release. The discs feature two cult artists  – ANNETTE SNELL and FREDERICK KNIGHT.

Annette Snell, hailing from Georgia, was a proper southern soul singer who began her career singing BVs in studios in Miami and Nashville. She also worked with girl group, The Mar Vels and eventually she signed with Buddy Killen’s Dial Records  and that was  the source of four singles. To boost her career  Annette  was sent  down to  Muscle Shoals to record some tracks but before they could be released she was killed when the plane bringing her back home to Atlanta crashed. All on board perished!

Three of those seemingly “lost” Muscle Shoals recordings feature of the first of the new Soul4Real 45 – maybe more of an EP than a single. The tracks are ‘I Think ‘I’m Falling In Love, ‘Make You Feel Love Again’ and ‘This Time We’re Really Through’. All three are classic Muscle Shoals sounds and the writing credits include names like George Jackson and Philip Mitchell – so, yes, we are talking quality!

The second new Soul4Real single offers more classic southern soul – from FREDERICK KNIGHT. His two cuts are ‘You’ve Never Really Lived’ and ‘How, When Or Where’ . Both date from the early 70s  and were recorded in Birmingham, Alabama and have never been issued on vinyl before. The former is a subtle, plaintive offering with sweet harmonies while  the latter has a tougher, more “southern”  feel – a foot tapper/head nodder for sure. Both tunes are welcome additions to the man’s acclaimed catalogue. Learn more and pre-order @