ED THE RED’S ‘Summer Is The Coldest Season’ has been one of 2017’s soul front runners. With a soulful vocal from a lady simply called Ania and a subtle rap from Mister Cotton, in its first two incarnations ( “007” and “Steppers” mixes) it was well supported right across the modern soul scene.

Then there was a clutch of house mixes and  a “Dre Soul” mix which pleased the soul crowd AND the house heads.

Now blow me… we have another big mix. This time it comes from veteran mix meister Nigel Lowis and Nigel has given the cut one of his classic Philly style make overs though this time he’s added a gentle Steppers twist. Like vintage wine, Nigel and the Bottom Line label have dubbed this new tweak of ‘Summer Is The Coldest Season’ the Grand Cru mix. Vintage indeed!