The oh so catchy ‘No Pain, No Gain’ from CLIF PAYNE with some special assistance from FREDA PAYNE (no relation) is shaping up to be one the year’s big tunes. The lovely lilting, mid tempo modern soul groove has become a mainstay on the playlists of all the best soul stations and discerning DJs are playing it out all over the place.

Now those DJs (radio and live) are faced with a dilemma as the tune becomes available in a new “Uptown” mix courtesy of mix meister, Nigel Lowis. Nigel takes the tempo up just a touch (don’t worry, it’s not frantic!) and, given his love of all things Philly, he retains that lovely ‘Me And Mrs Jones’ Philadelphia sweetness… lovely!

Clif Payne says of the new mix: “It’s a wonderful version and mix and I’m blown away by the response it’s getting. Well done indeed. Everybody–where ever you are now, give Nigel a round of applause! “

You can enjoy  ‘No Pain No Gain’ via the downloadable single, courtesy of  DSG Records.