Last month we posted on a lovely, gentle summer vibe, ‘Dancing In Paradise’ from STEVE GREEN and THE ELEVATORS. An obscure new band? Well, no, not all! Anoraks spotted right away that Steve is the bassist in acclaimed Philly band, Breakwater! He’s also and in-demand session player – it’s his bass lines on the evergreen .’Nights Over Egypt’ – and plenty more Philly gems!

The Elevators is a sort of a side hustle – but a side hustle that delivered a lovely track. With sweet and smooth vocals from Warren Cooper and Mango Rose, this cocktail of  Latin vibes and lounge jazz won plenty of plays and a chart placing.

Steve’s team tell us in response to requests, ‘Dancing In Paradise’ will soon be available in a special extended mix. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one! Due late August.