The self-styled “last Mohican of Southern soul”, QUENTIN MOORE is currently making a name for himself in and around his home town – Austin, Texas. Apart from the geography, QUENTIN justifies his nickname by trying to use only live instrumentals in his recordings – like they did “back in the day“. He’s toured with ALI OLLIE WOODSON and CHAKA KHAN and runs his own label and distribution company , through which he’s currently pushing his two latest recording projects.

They are the 16 track album ‘Vintage Love’ and ‘Quentinized’ – a 22 track “mixtape” concept album which allows listeners to sample what he considers to be his best work. There’s a certain rustic, organic quality to MOORE’S music which in these days of air-brushed recordings is refreshing. His music’s available on both iTunes and cdbaby and his web site is