DAVID MORALES’ 2021 set, ‘Life is A Song’ was one that year’s best.  It boasted a cornucopia of dance floor gems and our man recently remixed one of  that LP’s big tunes… the Lea Lorien-vocalised ‘Never Looking Back’ .

Now Dave’s offering a stunning new mix of the album title track. This re-worked ‘Life Is A Song’ has been given a fresh, zipping, Philly treatment and, boy, does it work. It races along with vim and vigour and is garnished with plenty of Philly flourishes including some classic Vince Montana style vibes!

Mr M’s been busy elsewhere too  working with New York DJ/Producer, Cevin Fisher to craft a new single ‘Why Me’. With vocals from Italian singer (Angelo) Iossa this is another pacey, insistent potential soul-dance classic with a touch of the Chics about it. It’s out now via DIRIDIM.