If you have a few bob left after the Yuletide splurge you may want to follow this link and splash out on nifty piece of vinyl –

Yes, what has been dubbed as “soul’s Holy Grail” – a very rare, playable, autographed copy of FRANK WILSON’S ‘Do I Love You’ is up for grabs again. The price? A cool £150,000!!! We quid you not … oops that should say “kid” you not!

Our research shows that the 45 was last bought in 2020 by Leicestershire-based multi-millionaire, LEE JEFFRIES, variously described as a record label owner/drinks company entrepreneur. We also learnt that in the week that good ‘ole Lee bought the disc, he got married and bought himself a Ferrari! Hope he’s not as fed up with the car and Mrs J as he obviously is with Frank Wilson!!!