Returning to our theme of the recurring 2015 remixes, KEJAM (DEE MAJEK) is the latest to hit that particular trail! Kejam, the hardest working man in Brit soul, recently issued the acclaimed ‘On Track’ EP (see our October news item) and has now gone on to remix it…. but these remixes are a little different; different in purpose that is, rather than just trying to craft a different soul vibe.

Kejam/Dee, you see, is using the remix project as part of an education college project to develop young peoples’ business practice and equip them with skills required for employment and further education training. Our man’s been working closely with students from the Digital Hill project at The College of North West London who themselves work in partnership with the training division of Press Association. The idea is to motivate and help the students to develop business acumen and employability skills (including digital, social media marketing and promotions skill sets) required by today’s workforce.

To that end Kejam/Dee and the students remixed a number of Kejam tracks and the result is ‘SOULROCKERS DAY VOLUME ONE’ which is now available to download from a portal near you!

The project is more than worthy but is the music any good? In a word … yes. One tune in particular is very strong… the remix of the Chanel vocalised ‘Love Is Magic’. With a subtle re-titling to ‘This Love Is Magic’, the new tweak tightens up the beats to create a quite perfect modern soul groove. The other mixes on the EP are Terry Harris’ ‘Diamonds’, Cleveland Jones’ ‘My Love’ and Lisa Taylor’s ‘My Only Love’. Great stuff!