Blue-eyed, retro soul man MAYER HAWTHORNE returns to the fray with the release of a new 6 track EP, ‘Party Of One’. To call the min-album that, though, is a little misleading as there are only three new songs; the other three tracks are those cuts’ backing tracks.

Don’t let put you off though, ‘cos Mr H always delivers with his quirky take on classic soul. Lead track here is ‘Someone Like You’ – a catchy, 80sm style mid-tempo, mellow groove complete with some live atmospherics. ‘A New Love’ has a 60s Thom Bell/Delfonics flavours (I’m sure the opening drums are straight off a Delfonics cut!) while ‘Tie For Love’ is a tight, sparse, funky dancer… almost Princely!

Mayer Hawthorne’s ‘Party Of One’ is out now.