In April we were introduced to the lovely, soulful sounds of Indonesian band THEE MARLOES. The introduction came via an infectiously retro up-tempo tune, ‘Midnight Hotline’. It was a cut that perfectly captured the current retro soul vibe championed by labels like Daptone and Colemine.

Now the band follow that with another retro sound – but something quite different. The “newie” is ‘Beri Cinta Waktu’  which means “give love time”. It’s a sweet and lovely ballad very much in the Low Rider Soul tradition. It’s madly romantic and there’s  even  hint of doo-wop and lead singer, Natassya’s vocals are truly beguiling. You don’t know what she’s saying but you surely believe every word!

This new ‘Beri Cinta Waktu’  is out now via Big Crown and comes recommended. It’s out now via Big Crown. It’s available digitally and as the B side to ‘Midnight Hotline’ on 7” vinyl via Bandcamp!