Since  April we’ve been keenly following the progress of Indonesian soul band THEE MARLOES (below). First  there was their retro up-tempo tune, ‘Midnight Hotline’; that was followed a sweet and lovely ballad, ‘Beri Cinta Waktu’  (“give love time”).

The Thee Marloes now offer another sweet, dreamy ballad, ‘Logika’. Like the aforementioned ‘Beri Cinta Waktu’, it’s delivered in the trio’s native language – but that matters not one jot! You might not know what the words mean, but the wrap-around, smooth sound soothes and satisfies. On the track lead singer Natassya Sianturi is totally beguiling. The Low Rider crowd could do worse than check out this one. My only criticism us that the ending is a little abrupt! And yes, that is  the cover, above!

THEE MARLOES: ‘Logika’ out now via Big Crown