Last month SOULHOUSE main man BRIAN POWER joined forces once again with ANDREW ROACHFORD for a sweet, dance workout … ‘Got To Be’. The ab fab groove was the much anticipated follow up to their ‘Got Sweet Lovin’’ from last September. Both tracks showed what a fine, true soul voice Roachford has – but you probably knew that! ‘Got To Be’ was particularly tasty – little wonder it was dubbed “the Soul Mix”.

However with Mr P at the helm you kinda knew that the track would eventually win a makeover in a more overtly soulful house style… and lo and behold… this Friday, March 17th the Power/Roachford axis unleashes the soulful house mix of the tune. Obviously  the tempo’s cranked up but I defy you not to head nod, foot tap or even cut the odd rung to this one. Hands in the air everyone!