Earlier this year, Philippines-born soul singer HEIDI TANN treated us to some  ‘Good Vibez. The single was  a catchy, mid-tempo groove which she said  celebrated real love and deep connections, positivity and feeling secure in a relationship.

In July the tune reappeared in a Bruno Nesci mix which offered a new, electro slant and now, guess what – there’s another mix of the cut. This time the mix master is Mike “DJ Blue” Harrison (of MS1 Productions). Mike co-authored the song so I guess it’s   right that he should get to handle the new mix and what a splendid job he does!

This new tweak incorporates saxophone(courtesy of Artem Jazz) and percussion (Larry Salzman) and of the three mixes of the song now available this the one that comes with a big thumbs up from us!

Heidi Tann – Good Vibez- DJB Remix (DJ Blue Remix) out Friday 27th October.