Just last month ROB HARDT (one half of Cool Million and a mainstay of the Sed Soul set up) released a single that, for him, was a little unusual… a departure from the modern soul sounds you usually associate with Sed Soul. It was a lively  ‘Good Time For A Good Time’ which was essentially an old school  rap track with rhyming coming  courtesy of young US rapper JULISA. It was energetic and fun and Rob put the tune out there  because he loves the power of rap combined with super funky music and positive lyrics which was what ‘Good Time For A Good Time’ was all about.

The cut’s now back with us in a new mix – the wonderfully entitled, “MONSIEUR WILLY FUNKY FRENCH BOOGIE REMIX”. Rob says the mix contains everything he  loves –  boogie beats, cool percussion, cute synths and a good bass. The vibe is 100% positive and he tells us that when he played it out at his last big Saturday night gig it ignited the floor. C’mon, yes it has a rap still in there – but forget your  conservative blinkers… you’ll probably like it! Good times guaranteed!