Liverpool’s BALTIC JAZZ RECORDINGS (named I’m guessing,  for where the label is located – Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle – an edgy, but burgeoning area full of media and music entrepreneurs making their way) is winning quite a name for itself. Their recent ‘Revisioned’ various artists compilation album was critically acclaimed  and tracks  from it continue to win play outs.

The main man behind the label is garlanded producer Steve Levine  and he’s the brains behind the label’s latest offering – a four track EP – oddly also called ‘Revisioned’. The artist on the four tracker is soul/jazz chanteuse LOIS LEVIN who, you’ll remember, offered a unique cover of the Clash’s ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ on the ‘Revisioned’ LP.

The mini album opens with a laid back mid-tempo groove, ‘Burden’ – a very personal song. We’re told that it’s all about Lois’ relationship with her alcoholic father. ‘LaLa (I Don’t Wanna Talk About It)’ is a gentle affair too . Inspired by Frank Ocea and Prince, it deals with peoples’ inability  to talk about their emotions.

‘Pheromones’ is different again. It’s a tight, soulful  dance groove about self-love. Lois says: “It’s become my own personal anthem of saying fuck it!” There you go! The EP  ends with  ‘Why’  – Lois’ cover of a 1973 Fleetwood Mac song which is given a heart tugging production from Levine while Ms Levin perfectly captures the sentiment.

As you can guess this mini collection is an intensely personal affair and underlines what most thought when Lois Levin covered ‘Should I s Stay Or Should I Go’ – she’s  is a contender!

Lois Levin ‘Revisioned’ EP on Baltic Jazz Recordings out now!