UK’s FULL FLAVA have been crafting catchy modern soul for nearly 20 years and their tunes seem to have never gone out of fashion. Over the last few months, a number of their cuts have been revitalised and remixed and the latest “flavasome” tune to get the treatment is their lovely, ‘Too Much Too Late’ which fans will know was fronted by the soulful tones of Dee Johnson.  

The original was a proper modern soul anthem and we’re not saying the two new tweaks are better. They’re just as good and offer a different slant to the song (you can never have too much of a good thing!)

The new mixes come courtesy of UK mix master Nigel Lowis, who you’ll know has a penchant for all things Philly, so no surprises for guessing that his “new” ‘Too Much Too Late’ has Sigma/MFSB and the City of Brotherly Love stamped all over it! There’s a striking sax solo, Vince Montana style vibes and delightful strings that could’ve come courtesy of Larry Gold. Lowis also proffers a beatier “London” mix which again ticks all the modern soul boxes.

The new mixes (and a radio edit) are good to go now on Dome Records.