Seems like the tune ‘When I’m Gone’ – from English-born, Australian-raised singer-songwriter DAISY HICKS has been around for ages. In its initial incarnation last autumn it was a sweet little acoustic thing. Then came a wonderfully soulful Metlife mix which totally transformed it. Little wonder it was a Christmas soul party floor filler.

Next up we had a newer, more laid back, jazzy re-work from top Italian mixer/producer ALEX DI CIÒ. His “jazid mix” featured chinking guitars and crystalline vibes and kept the tune at the top of most savvy DJs playlists. Now Signor Di Ciò offers ‘When I’m Gone’ in yet another mix…. the Alex Di Ciò & Clakko Remix which keeps things firmly in modern soul territory. This one features great piano, hypnotic bass lines and sweet, sweet strings all combining to mine a great groove. When it all kicks in at the hook (about 1 min 15 seconds in) – you’ll be truly hooked!