It was 2018 when we enjoyed the collaborative efforts of a team of top UK soul men… members of Beggar and Co, Hi Tension, Central Line and Light of the World. Brought together by UK soul entrepreneur Fitzroy Facey and named BRIT FUNK ASSOCIATION, they delighted us with their album, ‘Full Circle’ and now, despite the lockdown and all that that entails, the collective is all set to unleash a new long player – ‘Lifted’, due on Expansion Records August 21st.

Not too sure what the actual line up on the new album is but it seems that there are some Incognito alumni now involved with the original team…. no bad thing! Previews reveal that the music on the new set is as motivational and uplifting as the tunes on ‘Full Circle’. Focus tracks at the moment are the surging, jazzy instrumental ‘Summer’ (featuring some sweet Benson-esque guitar) and the steady groove that is ‘Lifted’… the inspiration for the title of the album… music to lift us. Just the job right now!