Way back in the dark, cold days of February, lovely Brit soulstress NATASHA WATTS cheered us and warmed us with an optimistic single, ‘Brighter Days’. We were excited to learn at the time that the single  heralded an album which was duly delivered at the end of March and what a consistent, soulful set ‘Music Is My Life’ was… indeed is!

The album’s  full of  cheery highlights and ‘Brighter Day’s was just one of ‘em. Proving, yet again, that you can’t keep a good tune down, that very same ‘Brighter Days’ is soon to be back with us in a new  mix – courtesy of Ziggy Funk. This new seven minutes plus tweak takes the song into soulful house territory for sure but with Natasha at the mic, the emphasis is always on the “soulful”! If possible, the  mix makes an already up and optimistic cut even more up and optimistic!

And the good news? Well, we’re told the remix will be free to download from mid-May on Ms W’s very own site. So keep your eyes peeled @