Back in 2006 the PHILIPPE SAISSE TRIO issued their acclaimed ‘The Body And Soul Sessions’ album – a collection of 12 classy smooth jazz covers of pop and soul hits like Steely Dan’s ‘Do It Again’ and EWF’s ‘September’. The tunes allowed keyboardist Saisse, drummer Scooter Warren and bassist David Finck to really stretch out – a sort of Ramsey Lewis Trio for the 21st century.

Since 2006 Saisse has worked on various projects including a collaboration with Nile Rodgers and it was whilst enjoying “good times” with the Chic crew that Monsieur Saisse decided to revisit ‘The Body And Soul Sessions’ and have it completely remastered by master engineer Colin Leonard and come June 21 the fruits of their labour will be available for all to enjoy on CD, in digital and on vinyl!

Philippe explains that for the remastering (with the time limitations imposed by vinyl LPs) each track was reduced in length while one tune (‘The Dolphin’) was omitted from the vinyl version. He says; “the limitations of the technology actually made the album a better more concise album”.

THE PHILIPPE SAISSE TRIO; ‘ The Body And Soul Sessions’ (remastered) is out June 21 on Bandar-Log Music