Indie soul singer ASHANTI MUNIR is currently making a name for herself. Stand out cut on her ‘Soul Of A Woman’ long player was a tune called ‘So Smooth’ and just recently remixes of the song have scaled the soul charts.

Clearly a believer in striking when the iron is red hot, Ms M has had another of her tracks remixed. This time the song’s the insistent ‘Yesterday’ (with input from Ty Causey) and again she’s commissioned mix master Colin Watson to handle the boards. Colin offers two re-toolings … the imaginatively titled¬† “Colin Watson” mix and the “smooth” mix…. not a lot to choose between them. They both tick all the right modern soul boxes.

I believe that all the Ashanti Munir mixes will officially be available on a ‘Lady Munir’ EP from April 7th on CAE Music.