Mmmm NICE….


Germany’s TRAMP RECORDS are set to release the fourth volume in the series ‘Feeling Nice’. Like the previous three instalments, this new 17 tracker is stuffed with rare and esoteric, hard-hitting US soul and funk. The sound is best typified by the TNT Powerhouse’s ‘Basement Jam’ or Donnie Saunders’ ‘Shing A Ling Baby’. Then there’s the wild ‘It Ain’t What You Do’ from the wonderfully named Little Caesar and Euterpeans… this music ain’t for the faint hearted!

FEELING NICE 4 is released on Tramp on November 3rd and comes digitally, on CD and on vinyl, double LP. As a bonus the first 400 LPs come with an acetate of ‘I Feel A Groove Comin’ On’ by South Side.