Last month RICH BEGGAR (Prem Sharma) hit the top spot  on the UK Soul Chart with his enthused version of Billy Ocean’s ‘Nights’. It was our man’s 4th consecutive #1 on that chart and maybe he’ll add a fifth accolade as he now releases two imaginative mixes of the track.

Prem’s orignals cover of ‘Nights’ was produced by DON-E and he’s at the mixing desk for the first new remix. He’s called the new tweak, “the Right Time” mix and delivers a big 80s Soul Weekender vibe – even bouncing the intro across the stereo. It’s energetic and totally “up”.

The second new mix of ‘Nights’ comes via THE REALM (aka Manny Rahelu) who you’ll know is an unashamed Rare Groove sort of a  guy, so for his reinvention he warps the song around a very familiar sample… Michael Wycoff ‘Looking Up To You’. It really works -a gorgeous combination of the old and the new to craft an instant winner.

In truth both mixes offer totally danceable and different perspectives on  ‘Nights’ and either could (and both probably will) climb the UK Soul Chart. Learn more @  https://richbeggarmusic.com/