NATASHA MISSICK describes herself as “a Native New Yorker, from the gritty streets of the Upper East Side, where the PTA ladies will hunt you down if you don’t bring cupcakes to the Halloween party!“. In practise she’s a singer/songwriter though she also works as an actress, improviser, comedian and writer, though in downtime, she waits tables too.

Ms M though is a lady on a mission. Her songs – she has just four in her catalogue – are driven by her social conscience. Take here latest – ‘Pre Military’. This she tells us is about the erosion of rights, and increased police brutality and its connection with the emergence of a military state. Of her other offerings the catchiest is ‘Funny’ which, despite the title, isn’t funny at all. It focuses on escaping abusive relationships.

The soundscape of her music veers between pop and R&B lite and there’s a funk undertow here and there… an odd sound really but if you’re intrigued your usual dowload portal will allow investigation.