NIKKOLE (Hall) is a Creole-American singer and songwriter who found US success with her 2014 album ‘Hallucinations. At the back end of 2021 she impressed further with her ‘Vulnerable’ album. It was produced by veteran soul man Leon Sylvers and the leadoff single was ‘All Mine’, a light poppy dancer with some electro FX.

It was catchy for sure and that infectiousness has led Nikkole to have the tune remixed as the “So Fine” remix and the end result is immeasurably better than the album take. More soulful, with a classic 80s Weekender feel, it’s  a proper party tune. It’s out now. However if you want to hear what Nikkole can do go back to that ’Vulnerable’ album and try her cover of the Marvin Gaye-penned/Originals’ recorded   ‘We Can Make It If We Try’ (you might remember, the Originals’’ version was just called ‘We Can Make It Baby’). Helping Nikkole delver was vocalist Leon Sylvers IV… a good ‘un!