Been a while since we heard from ROY AYERS… well he is 79, so allowed to slow down a bit! However, if you’re having Ayers withdrawal symptoms maybe you need to check out a new release on the bbe label. It’s a remix of a remix of an RA classic – ‘I Am Your Mind’.

Back in 2006, the bbe label released their ‘Virgin Ubiquity Remixed’ project and the ‘I Am Your Mind’ track was re-tooled by mix maesto Mr.V – protégé of Louie Vega and owner at Sole Channel Music and Muzik 4 Tomorrow. He says:”I was stunned and incredibly humbled to be chosen to be a part of the original remix package. Back then, I just went ahead, with no regard to sound at times… looking back more recently and knowing what I know now, I wanted to polish what I created. I’ve refreshed the drums and brought the elements to life in the way I originally envisioned for my remix.”

Hear the new, deeper version (vocal and instrumental) at a portal near you right now… and we believe that Mr Ayers is lining up a tour to promote the release!