In September, three-time Grammy nominated soul man RAHEEM DEVAUGHN announced the release of new album…… ‘What A Time To Be In Love’ – slated for November 20th issue. Highlighting that news was the LP’s first single – a ponderous, thoughtful and sombre, ‘Marvin Used To Say’.

DeVaughn’s rationale with the song was that though it has been nearly 50 years since Gaye released his masterpiece ‘What’s Going On’, not a lot has changed. Issues like social turmoil, raging inequality, police brutality, homelessness, unemployment, a housing crisis and a health service in confusion all refuse to go away.

Raheem is now set to release the album’s second single… ‘Mr Midnight’. Once again, the reference seems to be Marvin Gaye. Though this time the song isn’t a socio-political commentary; rather, as the title suggest, it’s a sensual, erotic groove clearly inspired by the sounds of the ‘Let’s Get it On’ album.

Raheem modestly says: “Mr. Midnight is tastefully sensual and was inspired by black love. I predict that it will be one of the sexiest songs of 2020”. It’s good to go now: check it out to see if you agree with him!