YOUR EX is a US soul/R&B crooner who does his best to keep his real ID secret. What we know is  that he hails from Los Angeles and that he was into music from an early age and in 2021 his single ‘But Her Love’ was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Best Of Alternative R&B playlists of that year!

Right now he’s promoting an EP, ‘Interludes & Daydreams p.2.’ The music is lo-fi and laid back R&B/chill hop with standout cut being the lazy, groove that is ‘Everything You Need’. Wisley, the man’s team have chosen it as the focus/lead track.

Your Ex says about this current project: ”I wanted to create something authentic to me, neither explicitly modern nor overtly commercial. There’s a thread within my music that fans will soon find. When writing these songs, I tend to dive in and out of past and present situations, dissecting lessons and exposing personal faults that in the past have been difficult to come face to face with. The series of ‘Interludes & Daydreams’ is about specific moments in a shared timeline that kinda defined who I am now”. There you go! Out now!