BENJAMIN RACE  is an acclaimed  UK based bass player and music producer. He has a real passion for classic soul and he’s worked with people like Alexander O’Neil, Soweto Kinch , the Doggett Brothers and members of Incognito and Jamiroquai. Ben’s previously released music under his “HD” brand. That was the name on his  successful album ‘Everything Is Energy’ (2018).

Last summer, using his own name, Ben released a wonderfully optimistic  single, ‘Take You Home’. With vocals from Ellison Kendrick, it was a big, “up” sound with the vibe of those great 80s Weekender anthems, anchored by  a rock steady bass line – but you’d guess that (see above)!

Our Ben’s now lining up a fresh, new single – ‘Memories’ – due 19th January. Like ‘Take You Home’, ‘Memories’ is another “80s Weekender” flavoured cut – catchy melody, vintage-inspired production and a  soulful vocal from Donna Odain, whose previous credits include work with icons like Edwin Starr, Martha Reeves, Mary Wilson, Freda Payne & Full Flava. You might also detect a Jam/Lewis feel to the track. Not surprising – Ben received some one-to-one guidance  from the legendary Jimmy Jam prior to cutting the track.  

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