‘Melodic Harmony’ was always the biggest tune on S. E. L’s chart-topping, critically-acclaimed, ‘Loc’d In Consciousness’ album. And as is the modern way, Soulful Emma has had the track remixed to offer her devoted fans extra mileage and a new perspective. However, for the re-working she’s not chosen just any old remixer – NO, she’s gone for a proper A Team….DJ SPEN and MICHELE CHIAVARINI.

They need no introduction to these hallowed pages but you should know that they infuse ‘Melodic Harmony’ with their signature uplifting style guaranteed to get heads nodding, feet tapping (dancing too when allowed) and  faces smiling. The boys’ new tweak comes via the main vocal mix, a radio edit for those who lack proper soul stamina, the obligatory instrumental and an interesting ‘Time Waits for No Dub’. Everyone’s a winner!

More exciting news? Well S.E.L has just announced some live performances. The first @ Summer Soulstice Virtual (June 25th);  then @ Mi-Soulful Sundays at Boisdale Canary Wharf with a Full Live Band show (July 25th) and finally the Margate Soul Festival (August 6-8th).

Yep, it’s all looking good for Soulful Emma Louise, and you can find out more via our interview archive where “the sweetheart of the UK Soul scene” talks about her career, the album and, of course, ‘Melodic Harmony’.