The soul and jazz world has been agog with rumours that the lovely ROBIN MCKELLE is about to release a brand new album. Those who’ve thrilled to her previous work (can anyone not forget the still remarkable ‘Fairytale Ending’?) will be delighted to know that the rumours are true as Robin confirms that April will see the release of ‘MELODIC CANVAS’ – a brand new ten tracker that sees the Rochester-born singer return to her jazzier roots.

Previews reveal a definite, intimate jazz vibe though there’s a strong soul undertow throughout – witness the emotion-tugging ‘Lyla’ – guaranteed to melt the hardest heart (and soul). For the first time, I think, Robin also offers a song in French (she’s hugely popular in France and spends much of the year gigging there) and if you like, say, artists like Stacey Kent, you’ll love the French version of Ms Mc’s ‘The Sun Died’.

Full review her @ SJF just as soon as we have our copy.