Followers of things legal might know that there are currently two intriguing cases going through the US courts involving some of our heroes and heroines.

First off, you probably  remember that there are lengthy wranglings going on over the estate of ARETHA FRANKLIN. Well, just this week a US jury declared that a 2014 hand written will found down the back of the Queen of Soul’s couch (yes that’s right!)  was valid even though it was only signed with a smiley face inside the letter “A”. The scruffy scrap of paper suggests that Ms F wanted  control of her estate to go to her youngest son, Kecalf and it overrules a separate, handwritten will from 2010 that was found at Franklin’s Detroit home in 2019. Aretha and Kecalf are pictured above.

Right  away Kecalf and his grandchildren will receive Aretha’s  gated mansion in suburban Detroit, which was valued at $1.1 million (£870,000) in 2018 but is now worth more… with more to come. We’re sure that there’s more to come (legally)  from the rest of Ms Franklin’s family . Detroit lawyers must be rubbing their hands!

Ditto lawyers in the ongoing  dispute between DARYL HALL and JOHN OATES. The  duo are  at loggerheads over the publishing rights to their music It seems that Oates want to  sell his share of a joint business venture to a third party, which Hall argues would be a violation of a business agreement previously reached by the pair. Hall has even taken out a restraining order on Oates!

A diligent web search will give you all the sordid details of both cases!