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It’s taken a few months, but boutique, indie vinyl label MD Records finally gets into its 2023 stride with a stonking 45 that features two powerful cuts from Philly soulstress ALFREDA BROCKINGTON.

Not a lot is known about Ms  Brockington and there’s some debate about whether she was a member of harmony group The Brockington Sisters who recorded from TSOP. However, we know that out on her own she’s probably best known for the Motown-esque dancer, ‘You Got Me Chained And Bound’. Released on Phil LA of Soul, the 45’s flip, ‘I’ll Wait For You’ has plenty of admirers too.

The new MD 45 pairs ‘Give Me What You’re Giving Her’ with ‘Waiting For Your Touch’ – two songs that Alfreda recorded for Philly label, Lash Records. The label, like many indie labels in the 50s, 60s and 70s was set up by Jewish entrepreneurs – here Al and Howard Ravitsky and a friend, Gil Lipschitz. The label was never successful but much of its output was released on a 2009 ‘Best Of…’ album. Amongst the generous 30 tracks were  the two Alfreda Brockington cuts that now feature on the MD 7”.  

Both songs were written by Howard Ravitsky and Benny Sigler (older brother of Bunny) and they deliver two different sounds. ‘Give Me What You’re Giving Her’ is tough and funky with Alfreda’s vocals fierce and feisty. The other side, ‘Waiting For Your Touch’ is gentler  – sweet and smooth with a yearning anguished vocal and full harmony BVs. It needs to be said that  both sides are a little less polished than what most would expect from Philly soul, but the rough, raw sound was a hallmark of Lash Records  and only adds to the soulful attraction of the music.

ALFREDA BROCKINGTON: ‘Give Me What You’re Giving Her’ with ‘Waiting For Your Touch’ to be released via MD Records. Pre-orders very soon. Find out more @