MARIAH. (the full stop is meant to ne there!) is a US soul singer who enjoyed success in the last few years with two singles, ‘Bizness’ and ‘Material Girl’. She now follows up with a smooth ballad, ‘Maybe’. The singer says: “Maybe was written from the vantage point of one wanting more out of life, more than ‘what ifs‘ and “probably.” After a trial period, there comes a time when one wants to be solidified or come to a mutual understanding on how to move forward. Whether the individual wants to pursue the journey or completely end it- its’s fine. A sure answer is what one truly seeks. Gray space becomes cloudy and lines get blurred when you say ‘Maybe’. This song serves as a reminder to be clear in the realm of transparency,”

Now we know! Musically Mariah.’s ‘Maybe’ is a gentle ballad mixing sweet soul with quality pop – the kind of thing that  Toni Braxton specialises in. It’s out now via University Park Records.