Latest 7” release from MATASUNA RECORDS pairs two remarkable 1966 tunes that are bound to delight Northern collectors.

The putative A side features legendary soul man CLIFF NOBLES and, of course, his “Co”. Nobles and his band are best known, oddly, for his wonderful ‘The Horse’ – which anoraks know was actually the instrumental B side to the Nobles vocalised ‘Love Is All Right’.  Though that record was a million seller, Nobles saw little of the profit and retired in the early 70s. He died aged 67 on 2008 but collectors are eager to snap up any of the various records he cut for a number of labels. This new Matasuna release features a song Nobles recorded from J-V Atlantic Records and it’s a proper Northern stomper, ‘My Love Is Getting Stronger’ which bears an uncanny sonic resemblance to ‘Uptight’.

The record’s B side is a little different… a soul-jazz, funky instrumental from RUSSELL EVANS and the NITE HAWKS, ‘The Bold’. It’s a real old school groove… little wonder that a few years ago Ace/Kent anthologized it on one of their ‘Mod Jazz’ compilations.

This wonderful 7” will be released September 17th, 2021, exclusively on vinyl. Learn more @